FTMO Review

FTMO review

Our FTMO review uncovers the essentials of their prop trading offerings. Discover the pros, cons, and unique features that set this platform apart.

The5ers Review

the5ers review

Considering The5ers for prop trading? Our in-depth The5ers review sheds light on their offerings, benefits, and what sets them apart in the industry. Make an informed decision with our expert analysis.

The Funded Trader Review

the funded trader review

The Funded Trader Review: A deep dive into the proprietary trading firm’s offerings, from its trading challenges to its partnerships with reputable brokers. Is it the right fit for aspiring funded traders?

SurgeTrader Review

SurgeTrader Review

Looking for a transparent prop trading firm? Our SurgeTrader review breaks down its services, profit splits, and trading conditions to guide your decision

FundedNext Review


In our review of FundedNext, we found it to offer versatile account options suitable for traders at every skill level. With refundable assessment fees and up to a 90% profit split, the firm stands out for its flexibility and scalability, allowing capital boosts up to $4 million.