cTrader Review

cTrader review — the iOS in CFD trading industry

cTrader is an intuitive and easy-to-use trading platform with advanced trading capabilities like fast entry and execution and coding customization. cTrader development focus on easy and fancy user interface without compomising the core fucntionality as a trade execution venue.

cTrader Review
cTrader review

cTrader Review

Introduction -- cTrader Review

cTrader is often in direct comparsion with MT4 and MT5, it is a wildly offered by as part of a brokerage service. Compared to most of the other tools we have introduced, cTrader is absolutely FREE for traders — they can simply open a trading account with a cTrader supported broker and can use it immediately.  This article would be more focused on the advantage of cTrader over MT4 and MT5. 

Guaranteed Speed and Reliability

cTrader is known for its low-latency and reliable trade execution, minimizing slippage and ensuring that traders can capitalize on market conditions in real-time.

The fact that cTrader is offered as PaaS for brokers guarantee every cTrader brokers is using the state of art infrastrucutre when executing trades. In contrast, for MT4 and MT5, every brokers has it’s own infrastructure which leads to different execution experience among brokers.

cTrader review infrastructure

All Rounded Ecosystem

cTrader comes with mature desktop, web, iOS and Andriod software to allow trader to monitor and place their trade anytime anywhere. 

cTID (cTrader ID) is also an unique function of cTrader — with one cTID, trader can access all of their trading account — multiple account across multiple broker, as well as across multiple devices.

Charting Features

The charting tools in cTrader are nothing short of impressive. They offer a high level of customization, multiple time frames, and over 70 pre-installed indicators. Although robust, the platform remains intuitive, making it easy for new traders to get started.

cTrader layout and charting

cAlgo - Automated Trading

One of the key advantage of cTrader compared to Metaqutoe product is the algo trading module, while MT4 and MT5 is using its proprietary coding language (mql4/ mql5), cTrader devleoped the algo language cAlgo, which is 100% based on C#, making coding is more accessable for programmer without learning a new set of language.

Similar to other trading platforms, backtesting, optimizing functions are wildly available in cTrader Automated Trading module.

cTrader cAlgo overview
cTrader cAlgo setting

cCopy -- cross-brokers copy trading ecosystem 

cCopy is cTrader’s social trading module that allows you to copy the strategies of successful traders. With this feature, you can allocate a portion of your capital to automatically mirror the positions of professional traders in real-time. You get to ride on their expertise while learning the ropes or freeing up time for other activities.

The key unique selling point of cCopy is the cross broker copying capacity; for example, as a money manager, i can set various commerical parameter (. Profit Sharing, Commission Fee) and boardcast it on cCopy. the signals can be seen and copied by any other cTrader followers. Spotware as the mother company of cTrader act as clearing in between, guaranteeing the settlement of profit and fee across cBroker brokerage.

cCopy works on all trading terminal — Desktop, web and mobile application.


cTrader is a comprehensive trading platform that excels in almost every department. Whether it’s charting, trading tools, or user interface, cTrader offers a premium experience. The only minor downside is that the customer support experience can vary depending on the brokerage you are using.

A list of featured cTrader broker can be found on Spotware official website: https://www.spotware.com/featured-ctrader-brokers

Or you can simply go to iOS store or Andriod Play, search “cTrader”, then you will find the full list of cTrader broker available for you.

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