FundedNext Review

FundedNext Review: Offering forex traders up to $4M in funding with tailored programs for all levels

Comprehensive review of FundedNext, a rising prop trading firm offering up to $4M in funding. Discover its key features, account types, and how it stands out in the forex trading world

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FundedNext provides forex traders with access to funding of up to $4,000,000, empowering them to achieve financial independence and the potential for significant growth. Traders have the flexibility to select from a range of funding program options, including the evaluation model, express model, one-step Stellar challenge, and two-step Stellar challenge, tailored to their preferences and goals.



FundedNext Review: Road to Trader Rating

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As our general review practice, we will only highlight the key point and go straight forward to editor’s conclusion, traders are advised to check with the prop trading firm for details terms and condition and trading advice.

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Road to Trader Recommendation

Selecting the Right Account for Your Needs

For Newbie:

  2-Step Stellar Account

  • Unlimited time to achieve profit targets.
  • 2-Step evaluation Facilitates consistent trading practices.
  • Supports all trading styles.


For mid-level traders:

  1-Step Stellar Account

  • Unlimited time to achieve profit targets.
  • Although the leverage is lowered from 1:100 to 1:30, but you know you don’t need the extra.
  • 1-step challenge, save your time to become a funded trader. Once the profit target is hitted, you’ll qualify as a trader and gain access to all the accompanying benefits.


For Expert:

  1-Step Stellar Account

  • Unlimited time to achieve profit targets.
  • No consistency trading rules required
  • Leverage lowered from 1:100 to 1:30.. you don’t need the extra anyway..
  • 1-step challenge, save your time to become a funded trader. Once the profit target is hitted, you’ll qualify as a trader and gain access to all the accompanying benefits.
  • Compared to express non-consistency account, 1-step Stellar gives you a better Profit Target/Max. Loss ratio — 1.67 vs 2.5


For Gambler:

hmm… FundedNext might not be the right prop trading firm for you… due to the fact that Minimum trading day rule applies to all account types.


Note: The Stellar account seems poised to surpass the Evaluation and Express accounts due to its adaptability, making it suitable for traders at every stage.

Company information, FundedNext Review

Founded in 2022, FundedNext has quickly risen to prominence as a leading prop trading firm. With its headquarters in U.A.E., the company has gained significant traction in countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. One of the distinguishing features of FundedNext is its commitment to trader success. The company emphasizes discipline, effective risk management, and long-term trading prosperity. Reflecting this commitment is their impressive scaling plan, which offers a cap of $4,000,000. Depending on the program selected, traders can tap into profit splits of 60% to 90%, trading across forex pairs, commodities, and indices.

Company Name: FundedNext

Year Founded: 2022

Headquarter: U.A.E.

Popular countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Scaling up to: $4,000,000

Accout Type and Fees

FundedNext presents three challenge account options for trader recruitment: Evaluation, Express, and Stellar. 


FundedNext presents three challenge account options for trader recruitment: Evaluation, Express, and Stellar. Each account type is distinct, with varying trading conditions and assessment criteria. A comparative table is provided for a clearer understanding of the difference among the account types:

FunedNext Review Account Types

Assessment Fee

The challenge fee for FundedNext begins at a nominal rate of USD 49 for a USD 6,000 funded account and goes up to USD 1,099 for a substantial USD 200,000 funded account. Notably, these fees are refundable after the initial payout from the funded account. The table provided below aids readers in drawing a quick comparison of fees across the various account types:

Stellar Challenge$59$119$199$299$519$999
Stellar Challenge – SWAP Free$65$131$219$329$571$1,099
Evaluation – SWAP Free$54$109$219$329$604$1,099
Express Consistency$49$99$199$299$549$999
Express Consistency – SWAP Free$54$109$219$329$604$1,099
Express Non-consistency$59$119$229$379$699X
Express Non-consistency SWAP Free$65$131$252$417$769X

Profit Split Rules

The scaling rules vary depending on the account type and initial funding. But with a consistent trading strategy, achieving up to a 90% profit split in FundedNext is attainable.

Profit Split Rules

Express vs Evaluation & Stellar Funded Account

While the Express account offers higher leverage and bypasses the second-stage assessment, it must achieve the 3rd profit split to attain the 90% profit split ratio.

Scaling up Rules

FundedNext’s Scale-Up plan allows traders to potentially receive a capital boost of up to 4 million. Those proficient and dedicated in their trades can benefit from this opportunity. Criteria for Evaluation, Express, or Stellar remain uniform for clarity.

Review Process & Eligibility Criteria:

For scale-up consideration, within a four-month period, traders must:

  1. Realize a minimum account growth of 10% across four consecutive months.
  2. Secure at least two payouts within these four months.
  3. End the last trading cycle profitably.

Every four months, accounts funded via Evaluation, Express, or Stellar are reviewed. Those meeting the criteria are eligible for a 40% increase in their balance, capped at 4 million.

fundednext review scale up rules

Payout rules and timeline

Challenge Fee refund 

  • Refunded during the FIRST payout from Funded account

15% profit share during challenge phase

  • For Evaluation and Stellar Challenge, If you comply with all the rules and achieving 5% growth in your Funded account, the 15% profit share from phases 1 and 2 becomes withdrawable.

  • For Express Challenge, If you comply with all the rules, you will receive a 15% profit share every trading cycle (28 days) until you gain 25% profit in your Challenge account.

Funded account payout cycle

  • Evaluation and Stellar: First payout – 28 days, 2nd payout onwards  – 14 days

  • Express: Every 28 days

Starting Capital

Post-assessment, traders are funded based on their assessment subscription. However, for NON-CONSISTENCY EXPRESS ACCOUNTS, the funded amount will be 25% of the challenge account size.

Trading Rules

Definition of No news trading

Trades are prohibited 5 minutes before and after high-impact news.

EA and Copy Trading

It’s allowed given that the accounts are owned by the same individual. Account might be reset or terminated if caught.

Inactivity period

35 consecutive days, and would be marked as failed.

Prohibited trading strategies

* For detail explanation and the lastest rules, visit FundedNext’s Prohibited Strategies.

Instrument and Trading Condition

Trading Condition

Raw Spread + $3/Lot (Forex, Gold SIlver and Oil), Raw Spread (Other indices and commodities)

Instrument offered

  • Major Forex
  • Minor Forex
  • Metals
  • Oil
  • Indexes

Education and Support


While FundedNext may not provide dedicated educational resources, their Discord channel stands out as a robust hub for traders. This channel encompasses a myriad of information including, but not limited to, the latest offers, company updates, frequently asked questions, trading insights, and more. It is pivotal as the main communication channel between the traders and the FundedNext team.


  • FAQ: Get answers to commonly asked questions.
  • Live Chat Support: Immediate assistance when you need it.
  • Discord Community: A vibrant and highly active community ready to assist and share insights.
  • Social Media: Stay updated and engaged through their Twitter and Facebook channels.
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