Multicharts Review

MultiCharts Review: Charting and Trading Combined for Ultimate Versatility

MultiCharts is another trading platform known for its extensive charting capabilities and trading features. While NinjaTrader has a stronghold, particularly in the futures market, MultiCharts offers a versatile platform that is well-suited for equities, futures, and Forex markets.

MultiCharts review

Multicharts Review​

Introduction - MultiCharts Review

MultiCharts is a trading platform designed for serious traders looking for advanced charting tools, backtesting capabilities, and more. With its high-definition charting features, PowerLanguage programming, and other advanced functionalities, MultiCharts positions itself as a strong contender in the trading software market.

MultiCharts vs MultiCharts .NET

MultiCharts offer to different flatship version of products, MultiCharts & MultiCharts .NET. While both of them are fully fucntionial MutliCharts software, MutliCharts .NET is mainly designed for professional programmers who demands a more powerul .NET languages to create it’s own custom indicators and strategies, below are some key differentiator between both.


  • EasyLanguage compatibility allows to import studies from TradeStation.
  • User-friendly programming language can be easily learned by a non-professional programmer.
  • A great amount of third-party add-ons available.
  • Thousands of free studies available on the web.
  • Easily protected as a read-only file (binary code).
  • One study can easily get access to the values of the other study.
  • Password protection of your script.

MultiCharts .NET

  • Engineered specifically for programmers who use VB.NET and C#. The .NET Framework is much more flexible than PowerLanguage.
  • Ability to debug your scripts using Visual Studio Debug Tool.
  • Access all data from Scripts for instruments that are not even charted.
  • Access to the list of symbols in the database from studies.
  • Ability to use the third-party databases (SQL Server, Mongo DB).
  • Ability to plot custom charts, drawings, texts, images, highlight any pixel on a chart.
  • Ability to trade simultaneously with more than one broker and on more than one instrument using just one strategy on a chart (sending unmanaged orders).
  • Access to the status of orders, positions, accounts, logs from the script.
  • Ability to create custom Toolbars.


MultiCharts excels in the charting department with high-definition charts that are both functional and customizable. Its hundreds of built-in indicators cater to almost any technical analysis you can think of. However, the absence of a search feature in the indicator list may hinder the user experience. Here is some of the screenshot on the chart MutliCharts can bring in to you.

Point and Figure
MultiCharts Time Price Opportunity Chart
Time Price Opportunity
MultiCharts Cumulative Delta Chart
Cumulative Delta


The platform’s PowerLanguage editor is inspired by TradeStation’s EasyLanguage, allowing traders to create customized indicators, functions, and automated trading strategies. Despite its robustness, the lack of a search function for existing code snippets can make it less user-friendly for new users.

Market Scanner

MultiCharts’ market scanner updates automatically and can use all built-in indicators and custom functions, making it powerful for real-time decision-making.

You can monitor thousands of real-time or end-of-day symbols in each Scanner window. You can even mix instruments with different resolutions and from different data feeds. 

MultiCharts Market Scanner

Backtesting & Market Replay

The backtesting feature in MultiCharts is robust and utilizes the full power of your computer’s hardware for quick results. However, it’s worth mentioning that you must be subscribed to a compatible brokerage for the data feed, adding an extra layer of cost.

The market replay function, which offers tick-by-tick replay capabilities, is an excellent feature for those wanting to review their trading day or simulate trading strategies.

MultiCharts Backtesting and Market Replay
Choose your currency for backtesting
MultiCharts Backtesting visual result
Backtesting visual result
MultiCharts Market Replay
Market replay
Replay different studies on several symbols together

Genetic Strategy Optimization

Genetic optimization is a very complex subject that has a lot of specialized literature written about it. Basically, its chief benefit is that it takes only a fraction of the time of exhaustive optimization and finds nearly optimal results.

MultiCharts Genetic Strategy Optimization Explained

Customization and Layout

MultiCharts Review: With almost every aspect of the software customizable, MultiCharts provides an adaptable trading environment tailored to your needs. However, the symbol-based menu system might require a learning curve for some users.

Customize Volume Delta parameter
Customize Volume Profile parameter
Choose the needed resolution


Although the platform is compatible with several high-speed brokerages, the need for a specific brokerage subscription for a data feed might be a constraint for some traders. There is an abundent list of brokers is integrated with MultiCharts, for more information, please visit the below link from official site:

MultiCharts Featured Brokers


Price starts from USD 97/ month to lifetime license at USD 1,497, with Option to add on Advanced Strategy Pack and Backtesting Edition.

Although it’s relatively more expensive than other charting software, and no free version is offered by partnered brokers,the feature of MutliCharts  bring you to you is worth the price.


MultiCharts comes off as a well-rounded, robust trading platform catering to the needs of professional and active traders. whether you’re interested in equities, futures, or Forex. Its strong charting capabilities and compatibility with multiple brokers and data feeds make it a strong contender for traders looking for a versatile trading platform. Like NinjaTrader, it also provides automated trading options but brings its unique set of features to the table, making it a worthwhile platform to consider. If you’re a serious trader looking for a tool to enhance your trading strategies with advanced charting, scanning, and backtesting, MultiCharts might just be the tool for you.

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