NinjaTrader Review

NinjaTrader Review: Tailor-Made for High-Speed, High-Volume Futures Trading

NinjaTrader is a specialized trading platform designed for the active and professional trader. The platform excels in offering a low-cost entry to futures trading and is highly customizable to suit advanced trading needs. While not for beginners, NinjaTrader is an unbeatable tool for those who know their way around futures markets.

NinjaTrader Review
NinjaTrader Review

NinjaTrader Review​

Introduction to NinjaTrader: the iconic name for high-volume and short-term trader in Future Market

There are lots of changes overcross the history of NinjaTrader — from 2003 founded as a software company, to 2014 as a introducing broker to a US regulated brokerage these days.

Although it’s not an brokerage independent software now anymore, it is still one of the most important tools for traders who specialized in high-volume, short-term trading strategy, no matter in Future, CFD or equity market.

In this reveiw we won’t be focuing on the brokerage offering of NinjaTrader. Instead we would spend more time in introducing the key functionality of it.

How to get NinjaTrader

In order to use NinjaTrader, you are required first to open a trading account with It will come with 14-days free future data feed by NinjaTrader.  After the 14-days period of time, you can either pay for ninjatrader datafeed service, or connect ninjatrader to the other broker for execution and datafeed service.  Here is a trick where you can get free access to datafeed services while using NinjaTrader. If you are demanding for more robust function — eg. Order Flow+, lifetime subscription is necessary — Here is a screencap of the pricing on the website.

NinjaTrader Pricing

Charting Capabilities

The platform shines brightly when it comes to charting features. With a wide variety of built-in chart types, such as candlestick, OHLC, and more, traders can analyze markets in-depth. The charting tools are highly responsive, allowing real-time tracking that can be a game-changer for day traders.

NinjaTrader Track Market Movement as you trade
Track Market Movement as you trade
Visualize the Market

Technical Indicators and Analysis Tools

NinjaTrader Review: is a treasure trove for technical traders. It comes loaded with a plethora of technical indicators, and what’s more, it allows users to create their own using NinjaScript, a proprietary scripting language based on C#. This means you can literally design your own indicators to suit your trading requirements.

Automated Trading and Strategy Backtesting

The Automated Trade Management (ATM) system is one of NinjaTrader’s flagship features. This allows traders to set up automated trading strategies, thereby reducing the emotional aspects of trading. You can backtest these strategies on historical data, giving you a simulated experience of how your strategy would have performed.

NinjaTrader ATM strategy Parameters

Direct Mrket Access

NinjaTrader provides direct market access, which is essential for traders looking to execute high-frequency trades. This ensures quicker and more reliable trade execution, a feature highly sought after by professional traders.

Data Feeds and Brokerage Services

Starting in 2014, NinjaTrader began offering brokerage services, making it a full-fledged trading solution. Users can also choose from a variety of third-party data feeds for maximum versatility. The platform supports futures, forex, and equities, and it integrates with other popular brokers like TD Ameritrade and Interactive Brokers.

Education Resources

For new and experienced traders alike, NinjaTrader offers a robust library of educational resources, including webinars, tutorials, and a community forum. This makes the steep learning curve a bit more manageable, providing traders the tools they need to succeed.

NinjaTrader Ecosystem

NinjaTrader Ecosystem


NinjaTrader packs a powerful punch in the trading software arena. With its robust set of features, customization options, and direct market access, it is designed with the active trader in mind. Though it has a steep learning curve, the platform rewards those who invest the time to explore its depths with a truly comprehensive trading experience.

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