Sierra Chart Review

Sierra Chart Review — Perhaps one fo the oldest charting platform in the industry

Sierra Chart is a trading software platform known for its functional design and practical features. Its charting capabilities are robust, providing users with a wide range of options to analyze market data effectively.

Sierra Chart Review

Sierra Chart Review​

Sierra Chart Introduction: The Trader's Swiss Army Knife

Sierra Chart is a formidable contender in the trading software arena, offering a potent combination of functionality, customizability, and affordability. Targeted at both novice and advanced traders, it promises a highly customizable experience. However, with a vast array of features, the platform may require a steep learning curve for the uninitiated.

It is by far one of the most sophisticated charting tools in the market — it support 15+ chart type, 30+ order type when it comes to direct trading, 400+ fully customizable technical studies and indicators, with an additional huge library of custom studies developed by the other users, 30+ drawing tools with 10+ modificaiton functions, which can be fully customized by users.

Features & Functionality

When it comes to Sierra Chart, it’s all about Charting. Sierra Chart boasts a comprehensive suite of charting and analysis tools. With support for real-time charting, market replay, and advanced Technical Analysis, it leaves no stone unturned. Order flow tools like Footprint charts, volume and market profiles, are robust, enhancing trading decisions.

A standout feature is its Advanced Custom Study/System Interface and Language (ASCIL), allowing users to implement custom indicators and algorithms. The platform also shines in its speed and reliability, offering a glitch-free experience even during high-volume trading periods.

Some example of Sierra Chart output

It’s pretty hard to write an review to cover most of the aspect of Sierra Chart in one page. In order to fully utilize the power of Sierra Chart, a relatively steeper and longer learning curve is required. Here are some example of the Advanced Charting output of Sierra Chart for your interest.

TPO Profile Chart

This is a very powerful and interactive study which provides you a completely new method of performing market analysis. TPO stands for Time Price Opportunity.

Sierra Chart TPO Vol ProfileCharts_Numbered Elements
Number Bars

The Numbers Bars feature in Sierra Chart is a study that provides a very detailed view of the volume and trading activity within each individual bar in the chart. The regular price bars are replaced with up to 3 columns of numbers. There is a separate number or pair of numbers for each price level for each bar/column in the chart detailing the volume activity at that price level.

Market Depth Historical Graph

It study displays by default at each chart column the highest market depth quantity at each price level, which occurred during the timeframe of the chart bar, as a color-coded rectangle.

Sierra Chart Market Depth Historical Graph
Sierra Chart Market Depth Historical Graph 2

Flexibility & Customization

Sierra Chart review: Flexibility is Sierra Chart’s middle name. It offers almost unlimited opportunities when it comes to chart design, with pre-defined templates to make setup easier. Users can organize charts individually in “chartbooks,” switch between instruments rapidly, and even connect spreadsheets directly to Microsoft Excel.

Trading Functionalities & Compatibility

Traders can execute orders directly from the charts or the order book. The platform supports all major order types and allows quick amendments or deletions with a simple click. Additionally, Sierra Chart provides options for automated trading strategies through its specialized order templates.

Sierra Chart offers broad compatibility, allowing connections with a wide variety of brokers in futures, Forex, and cryptocurrencies. It’s a robust alternative to often basic in-house trading platforms provided by brokers.

*Trading service is supported in Base Pcakages.


The pricing model is flexible, with two primary subscription tiers. While there’s no lifetime license option.

Base Package starts at USD 26/ month. If customer requires external connectivity (trading/ external datafeed), they need to subscribe the Integrated Packakge with starts at USD 36/month.


An extensive manual and support board are available for troubleshooting and learning. However, users should be aware that telephone and remote support come at an additional per-minute cost.


Sierra Chart packs a punch in features and customizability, offering something for traders at all levels. Its flexibility in design, wide range of supported brokers, and advanced technical tools make it a highly compelling option. While the platform does have a learning curve and can be data-source dependent, its robust capabilities and reasonable pricing structure make it a worthwhile investment for those serious about trading.

Please do to Sierra Chart website for more detail information:

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