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SurgeTrader Review:  Simplified rules and a generous 90% profit-sharing option

Experience the future of prop trading with SurgeTrader: transparent rules, favorable profit splits, and simplified evaluations – your gateway to amplified funding opportunities

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SurgeTrader, a subsidiary of Surge Capital Ventures, LLC, is a rapidly expanding prop trading firm founded in 2021. Aimed at assisting skilled traders lacking sufficient capital, it offers a simplified trading process and a transparent model for those looking for funding opportunities in the market.



SurgeTrader Review: Road to Trader Rating

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As our general review practice, we will only highlight the key point and go straight forward to editor’s conclusion, traders are advised to check with the prop trading firm for details terms and condition and trading advice.

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Road to Trader Recommendation

Selecting the Right Account for Your Needs

For Newbies:

 Starter Account

  • An excellent opportunity to test and refine your skills, with the potential to scale up by re-auditioning for higher account tiers.
  • The mandatory stop-loss helps instill disciplined trading habits in new traders.
  • Lower leverage ensures reduced stress due to potential drawdowns.


For mid-level traders:

   Starter Account with Bundle Pack

  • If you can successfully pass the initial audition, you can efficiently scale to a USD 1,000,000 capital by repeating the audition five more times.
  • The “No Stop-Loss” option allows for the deployment of diverse trading strategies.
  • Double leverage provides higher purchasing power, enabling quicker capital growth.

For Experts:

  Advanced Account with Bundle Pack

  • With no stop-loss, experience almost unrestricted trading freedom.
  • Amplify your returns by increasing both leverage and opting for a 90% profit share.
  • If you aim to start with a USD 1,000,000 funded account, you’ll need just three auditions in total.


For Gamblers: ⚠️ If you’re looking to speculate on news events, be aware that SurgeTrader has specific restrictions on news trading for equity CFDs. For detailed information, please refer to the “Trading Rules” section.

Company information, SurgeTrader Review

Founded in 2021, SurgeTrader is headquartered at 405 5th Ave. South, Naples, Florida 34102. As a proprietary trading firm, it empowers traders by providing capital, thereby magnifying their earning potential. Before accessing these funds, traders must first pass an audition demonstrating their expertise and discipline in trading. Successful candidates are then entrusted with a trading account funded up to $1 million and can retain up to 90% of their generated profits

Company Name:

SurgeTrader, a subsidiary of Surge Capital Ventures, LLC

Year Founded: 2021

Headquarter: United States

Popular countries: Dominican Republic, United States, Chile

Scaling up to: $1,000,000

Account Type and Fees

SurgeTrader offers a single account type, but allows traders to choose from different starting funding balances

surgetrader review_packages

Choice of Account with SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader simplifies account choice for traders. Traders primarily need to decide:

  1. Their desired funding balance.
  2. Whether to opt for add-ons.
Add-on Details:

a) No Stop Loss (+10%): By choosing this add-on, traders can bypass the compulsory stop-loss for every position. This is strategy-dependent.

b) Profit Split Increase: 75% to 90% (+20%): This add-on is pivotal for dedicated traders. A 15% profit split boost ensures a quicker profit generation.

For instance: On a Starter account with a USD 25,000 balance, after passing the audition and profiting USD 2,500, with a 90% profit split add-on, your withdrawal would be higher by USD 375. This surpasses the additional USD 50 audition fee for the add-on.

c) Double Leverage: 10:1 to 20:1 (+25%): For an additional 25%, traders can double their purchasing power. Essential for seasoned traders, but remember: doubling potential gains also implies doubling potential losses, which may lead to reaching the maximum trailing drawdown. It’s crucial to use this add-on judiciously. 

*This only applies to FX and Metals.

For those eyeing multiple add-ons, a bundled discount is available at +40% of the audition fee.

surgetrader review_add-on check out screen

Audition Fee

Fees range from USD 250 to USD 6,500. Add-ons provide more trading leverage, with a maximum addition of 40% to the audition fee. Please note that SurgeTrader’s audition fees are non-refundable.

PackageStandardNo Stop Loss90% Profit SplitDouble Leverage (20:1)Bundle Pack (All 3 Add-Ons)

Audition criteria

  • Demo Account: Every trader is provided a demo account for the audition.
  • Passing Conditions:
    • Achieve a 10% return.
    • Avoid the following breaches:
      • Exceeding an 8% maximum trailing drawdown.
      • Surpassing a 5% maximum daily loss.

No restrictions exist regarding time limits, minimum trading days, or a minimum number of trades. Upon meeting the aforementioned conditions, traders will be contacted by DEEL to initiate account setup and contract signing. A fully funded REAL account will be provided to the successful trader within 48 hours.

Note: A 20% discount is available for re-auditions.

Profit Split Rules in SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader’s profit split mechanism is refreshingly clear-cut, a testament to its transparent and uncomplicated approach.

Profit Split Details

  • Upon clearing the audition, traders are equipped with a real account matched to their funding level.
  • Default split: 75%. However, subscribing to the 90% split add-on upgrades it to 90%.

Scaling Up Guidelines

  • After the audition, you have two options: (1) Claim your funded account, or (2) Extend your audition to qualify for a next tier account size.
  • Opting for the second choice requires you to achieve an extra 10% profit.
  • Every time you reach a 10% profit milestone, these two choices reappear. This process can lead up to $1,000,000 in funding.
  • Remember: If a breach occurs during scaling, the audition is nullified.

Payout rules and timeline

  • SurgeTrader does not refund the audition fee.
  • As long as the account is profitable, withdrawals can be initiated. Subsequent profit withdrawals have a 30-day interval.
  • Upon approving a withdrawal, SurgeTrader extracts its profit share. Notably, your max trailing drawdown remains fixed at your initial balance, unaffected by withdrawals.

Trading Rules

Maximum Trailing Drawdown Rules

SurgeTrader employs a unique maximum drawdown rule. Although set at 8%, the max trailing drawdown locks at a value equivalent to the account’s initial balance once reached. Example: The max trailing drawdown is the lesser value between: (Balance*(1-8%)) and the Account Initial Balance.

EA and Copy Trading

SurgeTrader is EA-friendly. However, the only restriction is that identical trading strategies shouldn’t be used by you or a group, whether via an EA or copy trading.

Inactivity period

There are no penalties for inactivity. But, if no trades are placed within 30 days, your account will be deactivated due to the broker deleting inactive demo accounts. This is considered a soft breach. If possible, the existing account will be reinstated; if not, a new one will be created, and any associated P&L and high-water mark from the inactive account will be transferred.

Prohibited trading strategies

News Trading Rules

News trading is permitted, but there are exceptions regarding Single Share Equity CFDs during earnings releases:

  • Traders must not hold stock trades overnight into an earnings release. Close all relevant Single Share Equity CFD positions by 3:50 PM Eastern Time on the release day for after-market releases, or the previous day for before-market-open releases.

  • Breaching this rule leads to an immediate, hard breach, and any gains or losses on the said position will be excluded from payout calculations.

  • Intentionally entering an Equity CFD near the close of a trading day to profit from the market gap between closing and the next day’s opening is prohibited, as determined by SurgeTrader.

Instrument and Trading Condition

Trading Condition

As per SurgeTrader’s broker, thinkmarket’s at the moment conditions.

Instrument offered

  • Major Forex
  • Minor Forex
  • Metals
  • Oil
  • Indexes
  • Equities
  • Cryptos

Education and Support

surgetrader review_how to scale in and out of positions in trading
surgetrader review_a trader's guide to risk management
surgaetrader review a handy trader's guide to setting your stop losses
Surgetrader review_important points for new traders

Education at SurgeTrader

SurgeTrader stands out with its commitment to trader education. As of this writing, they have authored over 30 comprehensive books, all available for free download. You can access these valuable resources here.

Beyond literature, their “Trader’s Corner” is a treasure trove of regular updates and insightful blog posts related to trading. We are genuinely impressed by the quality and depth of SurgeTrader’s educational materials and highly recommend that traders, both novice and experienced, explore them here.

Support at SurgeTrader

  • FAQ: Quick answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Live Chat Support: For real-time assistance whenever you’re in need.
  • Social Media: Stay informed and engage with the SurgeTrader community via their Twitter and Facebook channels.
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