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The5ers, established in 2016, is a standout prop trading firm offering an unmatched scaling opportunity up to USD 4,000,000. Based in Israel, it boasts high-quality in-house educational resources and a real MT5 account. Additionally, their unique Daily Pause mechanism exemplifies their forward-thinking approach to trading.

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The5ers review: Established in 2016 by founder Gil Ben Hur, has rapidly positioned itself as a leading name in the prop trading industry. Located with its headquarters in Israel and an additional office in London, the firm extends multiple programs and resources for traders, aiming to provide them with extensive trading capital based on their skills and strategies. Here’s a comprehensive review to help you make an informed decision.



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As our general review practice, we will only highlight the key point and go straight forward to editor’s conclusion, traders are advised to check with the prop trading firm for details terms and condition and trading advice. please see below our detailed The5ers Review.

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Road to Trader Recommendation

Selecting the Right Account for Your Needs

For Novice Traders:

 BootCamp Program

  • The Daily Pause Mechanism safeguards traders’ accounts from termination upon reaching the daily limit.
  • With a low leverage of 1:10, novice traders can cultivate consistency, patience, robust risk management, seriousness, advanced trading skills, and discipline.
  • The entry cost is minimal, with an opportunity to manage a 100k funded account post-challenge.
  • Both Maximum Loss and Profit Target are set at reasonable rates of 5% and 6%, respectively.


For Mid-level traders:

  High Stakes Challenge

  • Offers 1:100 leverage, catering to diverse trading styles and ensuring a quicker challenge completion.
  • After passing the challenge, instant 80% profit split on the Funded Account — the most favorable rate across the three programs.
  • With a Profit target/Maximum Loss ratio above one, it boasts some of the most advantageous terms in all three programs.


For Experts:

 Hyper Growth Program

  • Get funded instantly and earn from your first trade.
  • Double your scale by hitting the 10% target, allowing you to manage a 4M account after just 10 successful targets from a 10k start.
  • Daily Pause Mechanism safeguards accounts from termination upon reaching daily limits.


For Gamblers: ⚠️

Hyper Growth Program definitely. … Intant Funding, no minimum trade requirement, no minimum trading days… basically means if your first trade is closed in profit, you can get the profit split already… Excellent for someone who want to place some bet and test their luck.

Company information, The5ers Review

Established in 2016 by its visionary founder, Gil Ben Hur, The5ers has emerged as an industry frontrunner in the world of prop trading. With its headquarters nestled in Israel and an operational office in the heart of London, the firm provides a comprehensive array of programs and resources tailored for traders. These offerings are designed to empower traders with substantial trading capital, ensuring a confluence of their skills and strategies. In this detailed review, we delve into the nooks and crannies of what The5ers has to offer, assisting you in making an enlightened decision.

Company Name:

The 5%Ers Funding Forex Traders & Growth Program, a Trademark Brand Name Owned By FIVE PERCENT ONLINE LTD. ISRAEL

Year Founded: 2016

Headquarter: Israel

Popular countries: United Kingdom, India, United States, Indonesia

Scaling up to: $4,000,000

Account Type and Fees

The5%ers presents three programs for trader recruitment: Bootcamp Program, Hyper Growth and High Stakes. 

In a world where many prop trading firms offer seemingly similar programs, The5%ers stands out. While minor differences often characterize programs from other firms, The5%ers brings a distinctive touch to each of their offerings. Catering to a diverse range of traders with specific needs, The5%ers has curated its programs to ensure there’s something for everyone. Comparing the program fee directly across the board might be an oversimplification. In this review, we will delve into the characteristics of each program to showcase their unique value.

Bootcamp Program
  • Objective: This is the entry point for many, but it’s by no means basic. With a low initial fee, traders can demonstrate their skills before committing further.
  • Fees:
    • $100k account: $95 upfront, $205 after passing the challenge.
    • $250k account: $225 upfront, $350 after passing the challenge.
  • Features: Leverage of 1:10, no minimum days or trades required, and the potential to grow up to $4M.
the5ers review 100k bootcamp
the5ers review 250k bootcamp
Hyper Growth (Instant Funding) Program
  • Objective: Tailored for traders who value speed and a high ceiling. It offers the fastest scaling in the industry, allowing traders to focus on growth without the constraints of time.
  • Fees:
    • $10k account: $260
    • $20k account: $450
    • $40k account: $850
  • Features: No minimum days or trades required, leverage of 1:30, and potential growth up to $4M.
the5ers review hyper growth
High Stakes Program
  • Objective: As the name suggests, this is for the more adventurous traders. The risk-reward ratio is higher, which can appeal to those confident in their strategies.
  • Fees:
    • $5k account: $39
    • $20k account: $165
    • $60k account: $300
    • $100k account: $495
  • Features: Leverage of 1:100, a two-step challenge, and the opportunity to scale up to $500K.

In conclusion, while the program fees might differ, the underlying value and potential of each program at The5%ers are distinct. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned trader looking for a new challenge, there’s a program tailored just for you. It’s not just about the costs; it’s about finding the right fit for your trading style and ambitions.

Profit Split Rules in The5ers

The profit split is the division of profits made from trading activities. At The5%ers, traders don’t invest any of their own capital but instead are provided with a funded account by the firm. In return, the profits generated from trading are shared between the firm and the trader based on predetermined percentages.

Profit Split & Scaling up Rules

Bootcamp Program

Rule is simple – Traders starting at the $100K Bootcamp receive a 75/25 payout ratio until they reach the $2M mark, after which it increases. Similarly, those beginning at the $250K Bootcamp also enjoy the 75/25 payout ratio until the $2M threshold, then it rises.

Hyper Growth (Instant Funding) Program

The Hyper Growth Challenge has a clear scaling model: every time the profit target is achieved, the funded account size doubles till $4,000,000 account size. Bonus would also be distributed.

the5ers review hyper growth scaling 10k
Example -- 10k Funded Account
High Stakes Program

For every 10% profit made on the funded account, both the account balance and profit split will increase as outlined in the provided table. Additionally, a monthly salary will be awarded once the account size reaches $350,000.

the5ers review high stake scaling

Payout rules and timeline

At evaluation stages, a payout request cannot be fulfilled. Payout payments can only be processed once the trader passes onto funded levels.
You will have the possibility to withdraw your profits on a biweekly basis from several payment methods, including bank transfer and crypto.

The profit payout will reset the account back to the initial balance but it won’t affect the scaling milestone target, which means that the payout still counts toward the milestone target.
You can choose to keep the profit in the account which would increase the maximum drawdown amount.
Example: Your milestone target is 10%. You withdraw 6%. You will only need another 4% to scale your account.


  • First payout 14 days after receiving a fully funded account, and every 2 weeks after that.


Traders are paid on a bi-weekly basis. This means that every two weeks, traders can expect to receive their share of the profits, provided they’ve met the required criteria for payouts.

Trading Rules

The5%ers have established a set of trading rules designed to ensure consistency, risk management, and the long-term success of their traders. These rules reflect the firm’s commitment to fostering discipline and responsible trading behaviors among its funded traders. In this section, we’ll delve into the specifics of these regulations, providing clarity on what’s expected from traders and how these guidelines shape the overall trading experience with The5%ers

Understanding the difference bweteen Daily Pause and Daily max. loss

The5%ers have innovatively redefined a common term in the prop trading world – the ‘daily pause’. While most prop trading firms will terminate a challenge once the daily max. loss threshold is met, The5%ers approach this differently. In their Bootcamp program & Hyper Growth scheme, they’ve introduced the ‘Daily Pause’ mechanism. Instead of immediately failing a trader when the benchmark is hit, they simply pause the account for the rest of the trading day. The account is then reactivated the following day, allowing traders another chance. This thoughtful provision underscores The5%ers’ commitment to nurturing their traders, providing them with more flexibility and resilience in their trading journey

Bootcamp Program — Daily Pause

Hyper Growth — Daily Pause

High Stake — Daily max. Loss

EA and Copy Trading

You can use any EA you have in your trading account, as long as the EA sets a SL order in each position,

Inactivity period

Accounts without activity for more than 14 days will be closed.

Prohibited trading strategies

News Trading Rules

News trading is allowed. (except for bracket strategies around news or others mentioned on T&C).

Exception applies on High Stakes program, whereas

  • Holding open trades over news is allowed. Executing orders 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after high-impact news news is not allowed.

Instrument and Trading Condition

Trading Condition

Raw Spread + $4/Lot

Instrument offered

  • Major Forex
  • Minor Forex
  • Metals
  • Indexes

Education and Support

Education at The5ers

The5%ers understand the importance of continuous learning and skill enhancement in the ever-evolving world of forex trading. They have made significant investments to provide a comprehensive educational framework for their traders. Here’s what they offer:

  1. Webinars: The5%ers host webinars, including sessions with special guests, providing insights into market analysis, strategies, and trading best practices.
  2. Special Psychology Workshop: Gary Dayton, the author of the bestseller “Trade Mindfully”, hosts workshops that delve into the psychological aspects of trading, helping traders build a strong mindset.
  3. Prop Trading Course: An all-encompassing course covering the nuances of proprietary trading, ensuring traders understand the ecosystem they are trading within.
  4. Special Indicators: The5%ers have developed proprietary trading indicators that give traders an edge in market analysis.
  5. Trade Ideas: These are insights or recommendations based on market analysis, helping traders spot potential opportunities.
  6. Advanced Trading Blog: Regular articles, updates, and insights are shared on their blog, keeping traders informed of market trends and news.
  7. Workshops: Detailed workshops on specific topics like ‘Supply and Demand’ and ‘Scalping’ help traders specialize in niche trading strategies.
  8. Live Trading Room: An interactive platform that operates four times a week, allowing traders to observe, learn, and discuss live trades.
  9. VOD: A vast collection of video content, including hundreds of hours of original trading-related videos.
the5ers review indicators and autochartist
the5ers forex blog

Support at The5ers

Beyond education, The5%ers also place a high emphasis on offering robust support to ensure that traders have a seamless experience.

  1. Dedicated Support: Whether it’s via email, live chat, or phone, The5%ers have a dedicated support team ready to assist traders with any queries or issues.
  2. Traders Community: A sense of community is fostered through exclusive Discord channels and supportive Facebook groups. This allows traders to interact, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  3. One-on-One Calls: Personalized sessions where traders can discuss their strategies, performance, or any other topic with experienced professionals.
  4. Real-time Trading Notifications: Immediate alerts to keep traders updated on crucial market movements or news.
  5. Performance Coaching: Free one-on-one coaching sessions focused on enhancing a trader’s performance metrics and strategies.
  6. Risk Management and Trading Plan Resources: Essential tools and resources to ensure traders can manage their risks effectively and plan their trades with precision.

In conclusion, The5%ers offer a holistic approach to trader development, ensuring they are well-equipped with knowledge and have the necessary support. This combination of education and support is a testament to The5%ers’ commitment to nurturing and developing successful traders.

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