Trading Central Review

Trading Central Review: Well known research platform for fundamental and technical analysis.

Trading Central is a comprehensive research platform that offers both technical and fundamental analysis. It caters more to professional traders and institutions, delivering in-depth analytics and award-winning research.

Trading Central Review
Trading Central Review

Trading Central Review​

Introduction -- Business Model

It’s important to note that Trading Central doesn’t offer subscrption for individual client. Instead, they partnered with brokers and equip with the Trading Central solution for their customer. If you want to use Trading Central, you might simply complete a google search and find out which broker is offering Trading Central service — most of them are offering it for free.

There are 3 main features comes with Trading Central's package, categorizing as:

Technical Analysis: Custom indicators and advanced charting tools give users a deep dive into market trends.

Fundamental Analysis: Research reports and insights into economic indicators are available for a holistic trading approach.

News & Sentiment Analytics: Derived from 100K+ news articles and social media posts found online, TC use A.I. and powerful NLP to tackle infobesity and support timely, educated trade decisions through compelling data visualizations.

In this review, we are going to over them one by one to give readers a better ideas about Trading Central.

Feature -- Technical Analysis

Trading Central Technical Analaysis tools incorporate actionable technical analysis into your brokerage platform or app to help users fine-tune their trading strategies. Using AI-driven analytics, we distill large datasets into easily understandable insights. Features like a Technical Score, essential trading levels, alerts, and updated charts keep users engaged and active on your platform.

Technical Insight

Technical Insight equips investors of varying expertise with the tools to enhance their trading approaches. It offers actionable technical insights, tailored educational content, and customizable notifications.

Trading Central Active Event
Active Event
Term Based Technical Insight
Technical View

TC Technical Views combines automated algorithms with senior analyst insights to offer actionable trading plans. Its proprietary pattern recognition constantly scans the market, while a team of experts validates the analysis, ensuring only top-quality insights are published.

Trading Central Support and Resistance Forecast
Support and resistance forecast
Featured Ideas

Featured Ideas provides live investment suggestions to engage your investing customers. These recommendations are grounded in both technical and fundamental analysis and are backed by backtested strategies.

Trading Central Featured Ideas
Alpha Gen

TC Alpha Generation equips investors with three key indicators for confident decision-making. Integrated into familiar MetaTrader MT4/MT5 charts, these indicators help identify new trading opportunities and optimal entry/exit points to enhance returns.

Trading Central Alpha Gen MT4
Alpha Gen MT4 integration

Feature -- Fundamental Analysis

With the deluge of market data and research, investors can find it hard to make timely decisions. TC analytics simplify intricate financial information into digestible insights that can easily be integrated into your digital wealth platforms or mobile apps. Leveraging themes, comprehensive scores, and tailored filtering, we keep users engaged and active, regardless of their experience level.

Fundamental Insight

In today’s information overload, investors often struggle to make sense of it all. TC Fundamental Insight® provides the clear, straightforward guidance they need.

Trading Central Fundamental Insight phase
Trading Central Fundamental Insight leaderboard
Strategy Builder

Strategy Builder allow investors to create and assess tailored strategies for choosing investment options.

Trading Central Strategy builder visual
Panoramic View

Panoramic View presents a comprehensive snapshot of TC’s proprietary scores, aiding investors in making well-informed and timely investment choices. Covering technical, fundamental, news, and sentiment analysis, Panoramic View delivers concise insights in key areas, offering a complete overview of any financial instrument.

News & Sentiment Analytics

Amid the flood of online data, including social media and conflicting news sources, it’s challenging for investors to locate relevant insights for their trading strategies. Our platform sifts through over 100,000 news articles and social posts using A.I. and advanced NLP to combat information overload. We facilitate informed trading decisions with data visualizations that distill this massive information into actionable insights.

Market Buzz

TC Market Buzz combats information overload by using natural language processing to sift through data, providing traders with actionable insights through easy-to-understand data visualizations for well-informed trading decisions.

Trading Central Market Buzz
News Insight

TC News maximize your news investments by turning overwhelming information into actionable insights, effectively combating information overload.

Tradiing Central News Insight
Crowd Insight

TC Crowd Insight proprietary natural language processing sifts through thousands of reputable news articles, blogs, and social media posts daily, gauging public sentiment on specific topics. This offers investors a novel angle for assessing potential trading opportunities.


Trading Central works together with partnered broker and tailored design actionable, customized content to their customers.

Trading Central Newsletter


Trading Central is a highly customized solution for brokers. The platform can be integrated with MetaTrader as well as other platforms like cTrader. News, fundamental analysis is often integrated with broker’s client portal, mobile app or even within their nature trading app.


For traders looking for a robust, in-depth analysis tool that offers both technical and fundamental insights, Trading Central is a go-to platform. It’s ideal for those who are serious about trading and are willing to invest in a comprehensive analytical tool.

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